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    Production of safety valves according to customer specifications

    Production of small safety valves for various uses

    We perform precision mechanical work based on customer design

Absolutely made in Italy

Our company Albertinari srl, active in Italy since 1948, is world leader in production of small safety valves.

The attention to details and the continuous improvement of products and company performance,  never excessive prices in spite of the expensive investments, have contributed to build a strong corporate reputation as supplier of safety devices.

for the world of manufacturing companies, always looking for reliable suppliers, ALBERTINARI SRL is proposing as extremely solid partner; and to guarantee a profitable relationship we bring more than seventy years of technical experience in the field of precision mechanical processing, and specifically in realization of small safety valves for an infinite number of uses: coffee makers, coffee machines, pressure cookers , sterilizers, food processing, automotive, earthmoving, pneumatics, hydraulics, lubrication, and much more.

To the production of valves we add the precision mechanical processing from customer design, thanks to the presence of extremely advanced production and testing machinery.


ALBERTINARI SRL work in-house machining of turning, milling and lapping, washing, tumbling, assembly and testing, we manage outside grinding, surface and thermal treatments. We produce more than 12 million turned parts per year of which about 10 million are valves. We estimate in history to have produced more than half a billion so far. All productions are oriented towards medium-large series.


    The production process takes starting from metal raw material, bar or tube, which is processed on automatic CNC machine tools, from which semi-finished products are produced by chip removal. These after are washed, eventually subjected to internal / external treatments or reworking, and finally assembled and tested.

    We produce more than 12 million turned parts per year.


    The ultra-modern assembly department is air-conditioned and separated from the lathe department to limit the contamination of particles in the finished components.
    Here through transfer machines developed in site or through semi-automatic devices, all the components are assembled, and the valves are subsequently calibrated and tested thanks to technologies developed in home, and therefore exclusive.

  • industry 4.0

    The process is completely managed through management software developed on its own, complying with the new 4.0 standards, in which the machines exchange data with the system. CAD-CAM stations help operators to generate and manage sophisticated processes. All details are identified by bar code, mechanical and assembly processes, process documents and internal and external logistics are managed electronically.





    For dimensional measurements we have a ZEISS O-I322 CMM in addition to an extensive optical and tactile instrument park, perfect to check the geometries of the machined parts without uncertainties, in addition we have sophisticated instruments for detecting flows, pressures, forces and seals, to be certain of the quality of our product.


    More than seventy years of experience in the production of small valves cannot be improvised! choose the quality of Albertinari and beware of copied products. 

  • A solid quality sistem

    More than 20 years of ISO 9000, a self-developed management system on SQLserver, strict control procedures and batch management, production management data with the 4.0 system combine to keep the quality system effective, efficient production, and satisfied customers.


More than seventy years of experience in the production of small valves cannot be improvised! Choose the quality of Albertinari and beware of Fake products!

Spring valves with sphere

Spring valves with sphere have a very low cost, are used to limit the operating pressure of small containers or domestic appliances such as coffee makers, irons, small steam generators, cooling systems, pneumatic systems, etc. They resist at extremely high temperatures (over 200 ° C) they do not guarantee a completely hermetic seal. The valves with sphere are constitutes of three components, the body, built in various materials to meet every need, contains the sphere and the spring in stainless steel, all closed by riveting. There are more sizes in production, the standard hexagonal body has a 9 mm key, there are also models with ch. 10, 11 and 12 and 17; the external dimensions are also an indication of the fluid bleed area, greater for the larger body valve. The thread can be supplied as desired, but there are unified threads, which are in stock and have a lower cost; The nominal calibration pressure is always measured with dry cold air and standard upstream flow of 100Nl / h. Increasing the calibration pressure, decreasing micro-leaking. The sphere valves can be supplied raw or plated.  Models are also available in brass LEAD FREE or in various stainless steel for working in corrosive environments or to meet special food regulations.Further information on data sheet of items

Spring valves with gasket

The spring-loaded valves with gasket guarantee a hermetic seal, and are suitable for the most disparate applications, whenever it is necessary to limit the pressure of a container and the flow rates are sufficient. Many have the peculiarity of being able to be operated manually, in which operator can then check operation. Depending on the gaskets types, valves resist up to temperatures of over 200 C°, valves with a food-grade silicone seal are resistant to limescale incrustations. For gas or hydrocarbon applications, models with O-rings in Viton or in NBR are available. They consist of several components, in various materials for every need and  have always stainless steel spring. They have the outflow of the fluid axial to the thread, or distributed radially to the thread axes. The calibration pressures are defined in dry cold air and standard upstream flow of 100Nl /h. Some models have an external seal to speed up assembly. On some models 100% checks on leaking and opening are made, and some models feature a laser marking.Further information on data sheet of items